2023-2024 CATALOG

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs of study, academic policies and degree requirements for Loyola University Chicago. It is published every year in advance of the next academic year.



In their first two terms, Arrupe College students are part of and take classes as morning or afternoon cohorts. Though incoming students may indicate their cohort preference, cohort placement is at the discretion of the College. Sophomore students (having earned at least 31 credits) may enroll in any open class that meets their degree requirements.

Bridging Cohorts

In some instances, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or designated proxy may allow first year students to take classes across cohorts; that is, classes in both the morning and afternoon. In these cases, students will remain affiliated with their original cohort and return to their intended schedule for subsequent terms.

Changing Cohorts

First year students are allowed to submit a request to change cohorts in writing to the Associate Dean of Academics or designated proxy. Students cannot switch cohorts during an active academic term.

Full-Time Enrollment Requirement

Students at the College are required to enroll full-time, in at least six credit hours (two courses) per summer session and at least 12 credit hours (four courses) per semester. Loyola’s Financial Aid Office also defines full-time enrollment as 12 credit hours per semester. Students who follow this policy are eligible for maximum financial assistance.

FAFSA Verification

If a student is selected by the Office of Financial Aid to verify their FAFSA, they must complete the verification process before registering for subsequent sessions. Failure to complete verification will result in a tuition balance and registration hold. Outstanding verification documentation is itemized under the “To Do” banner in LOCUS.

Outstanding Account Balances

Students with an outstanding balance, who are not on a payment plan (iPlan), may not register until the account balance is settled in accordance with the Office of the Bursar’s policies and practices.

Part-Time Registration Appeal

Students who intend to enroll in fewer than two classes in a summer session or four classes in a semester must submit the Part-Time Enrollment Request Form to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs on the first of the registration month. Approval is at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Students who enroll part-time understand that transitioning to part-time status could affect financial aid, tuition charges, and date of anticipated graduation.

Full-Time-Plus Registration Appeal

Under certain circumstances, a student may wish to enroll in 14 credits or more in a given semester (or 8 credits or more in a summer term) to maintain progress towards a timely graduation. A student may submit a request to the Office for Academic Affairs through their advisor to do so.

To be eligible, the student must have earned at least a “C” GPA average (2.0) in the most recent term or semester and have fewer than two “F” grades on their transcript.

Request for Leave of Absence

In cases where extenuating circumstances significantly impact a student’s ability to attend class (i.e. medical condition, emotional trauma, crisis in the home, etc.), they may request to take a leave of absence over a semester or session by submitting a Leave of Absence Request Form to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.

A student granted a leave of absence will not register for classes for the term of the leave. Therefore, financial aid will not be disbursed, nor will the student be assessed tuition or fees for that term.

Students on leave will not be deactivated from the program and will be eligible to apply for financial aid upon their return. However, students who do not register for the term in which they indicated they would return nor file an appeal with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for an extension of their Leave of Absence will be administratively deactivated.

Students who want to return from a Leave of Absence should complete the Reinstatement Form and submit it to the Assistant Dean.  Students who want to return after more than two semesters of leave or deactivation must reapply.

Repetition of Course(s)

Students may repeat a course in which they previously received a passing grade only after they meet with their assigned academic advisor. The student will then request a class registration override from the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.  Authorization to repeat courses merely to improve the grade will rarely be given.

The grade in a repeated course does not replace the original grade earned. The grades in both courses are averaged together. For example, if a student received a "D+" in a 3-hour course and a "B-" in the repeat, the quality points are added together (12.00) and divided by the total hours of both courses (6.00). This provides the course grade point (2.00).

In an authorized repetition of a course the student will not receive credit hours toward graduation for both courses. The student will only receive credit hours toward graduation for equivalent to one of the courses (3 hours) since credit hours in the course have already been earned. The repeated course, however, is counted for attempted hours and quality points for the accurate computation of grade point average for the term in which it is taken.

Cross-College Enrollment

Students may take coursework at another college within Loyola University Chicago needed to fulfil a desired program or degree requirement at the senior institution. Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

  1. a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher,
  2. sophomore standing (27 or more earned credit hours), and
  3. permission from both the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Arrupe College as well as the dean from the receiving college.

Students may enroll in no more than one class outside Arrupe in a given term.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from a course or courses do so understanding that a change in registration status may impact financial aid (distributed and undistributed), tuition charges, and academic marks (W, WE, etc.).

Voluntary Withdrawal from Course(s)

If, during the academic session, a student wishes to withdraw from one or more courses, they must submit a Request to Withdraw from Course(s) Form after meeting with their academic advisor. Final approval for withdrawal rests with the student and their advisor. Please refer to Loyola’s Academic Calendar for the last date to withdraw from a course or courses. Students will incur full financial obligation to the college.

Students who are contemplating a “W” and receiving or expecting to receive financial assistance should consult with the Office of Student Financial Assistance prior to making the request.

Voluntary Withdrawal from an Academic Term

An enrolled student who wishes to withdraw from all of their coursework during an academic term must complete a Request to Withdraw from Course(s) Form and complete the Intent to Withdraw for WE. A student is considered to be in attendance until such notice has been submitted. It is the student's obligation to inform the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs in writing of an Emergency Withdraw.

Voluntary Discontinuance

A student who is considering withdrawing from Arrupe College should schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor and the Associate Director of Financial Aid. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the impact of withdrawing and to strategize for future success.

If the student chooses to withdraw from all coursework, they must complete the Request to Withdraw from Course(s) Form. If the student chooses to withdraw indefinitely from the university or remain inactive until further notice, the student will be Discontinued. The student will be withdrawn from all registered coursework and reimbursed for tuition based on the Office of the Bursar’s tuition recalculation schedule. The student understands a full withdrawal may trigger a Title IV financial aid review, which may result in a return of Title IV monies at term’s end. This means the student may attrite with an outstanding tuition balance, for which they will be held financially liable.


Students may be deactivated for non-compliance of academic policies or non-enrollment.  While deactivated, students shall not have access to facilities or services provided to active students at Arrupe College or Loyola University Chicago.

Deactivation for Academic Dismissal

Students on probation who do not return to good standing within the designated requirements and timeframe may be dismissed for poor academic scholarship.  If a student is dismissed for poor scholarship, they may apply for readmission only after earning at least six credits at another accredited institution while meeting all the following guidelines:

  • Must be taken during a traditional Fall or Spring term (typically lasting more than 12 weeks)
  • Must be taken primarily in person/not online
  • Must satisfy General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) or Arrupe Core requirements
  • Must result in a cumulative GPA of 2.33 or higher

A student who is readmitted after being dismissed for poor scholarship shall return on academic probation based on their previous GPA earned at Arrupe College and will be subject to all the original probation requirements. 

Deactivation for Non-Attendance

Students who demonstrate no academic activity within the first week of a term (including attendance, submission of assignments, and/or logging into Sakai), and who do not notify the College of any circumstances that may preclude their activity, may be withdrawn at the discretion of, and with notification from the Office of Academic Affairs.  Students withdrawn for non-attendance in the first week of a term will not have financial aid disbursed and billing for the term will be canceled, but students will be liable for any outstanding balances from previous terms.  Students withdrawn under these circumstances should contact their advisor to determine if they are eligible to re-enroll for the current or next academic term.

Deactivation for Non-Enrollment

Students may choose at their own discretion to take a leave of absence from Arrupe College for one single Fall, Spring, or Summer term.  Students wishing to do so should consult with their advisor to discuss their plans, and they must complete the Request for Leave of Absence (available on the Arrupe College website) and submit to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.  Students may not enroll or pursue course work at another accredited institution elsewhere during their term away.  Students are responsible for reaching out to their advisor to discuss registration for the next academic term.

Readmission Policy

Any student who is away from Arrupe College and not enrolled for more than one semester, or who completes course work at another institution during their one semester away, shall be required to apply for readmission through the Office of Admission if they wish to return.