2024-2025 CATALOG

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs of study, academic policies and degree requirements for Loyola University Chicago. It is published every year in advance of the next academic year.

Middle Grades (BSEd)

Loyola's Middle Grades Education program is designed for undergraduates seeking to become licensed middle school educators. The three Middle Grades Education pathways include a Middle Grades Education major and an additional content area (Language Arts, Social Studies, or Science). Mathematics is presently NOT available as a middle grades content area. However, if a candidate is an Elementary or Secondary Education major, they can add a Middle Grades endorsement to their IL Professional Educator License in any of the above areas (including Mathematics) by taking a small number of courses and passing the appropriate Illinois content area test in the Middle Grades content area. The SOE Undergraduate Advisor can provide details on endorsement requirements. Middle Grades majors require a greater number of courses in these content areas.

All of Loyola’s Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) students complete the Teaching, Learning, and Leading with Schools and Communities (TLLSC) curriculum. This approach emphasizes authentic practices in real classrooms. TLSC modules largely take place in school and community settings across the City of Chicago and were designed with four Cornerstones in mind—partnering with schools and communities, classroom diversity, ongoing classroom experience, and participating in professional learning communities.

Upon graduation, Middle Grades Education majors earn a BSEd in Middle Grades Education. They are eligible for the Illinois State Board of Education Professional Educator License (PEL) that includes an endorsement in their content area, as well as the English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement and the International Baccalaureate (IB) certificate.