2023-2024 CATALOG

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs of study, academic policies and degree requirements for Loyola University Chicago. It is published every year in advance of the next academic year.

Clinical Psychology (PhD)

The Clinical Psychology PhD program at Loyola University Chicago adheres to the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training and is designed to develop skilled, creative professionals prepared to succeed in a variety of settings (e.g., clinical, research, academic). The program strives to provide a balance of training and experience in research, clinical work, and teaching. The mission of the program is to provide students with a strong foundation in general psychology along with training focused on the integration of research and practice of clinical psychology. Students are exposed to a range of clinical training and research, with an orientation toward social justice applications of both research and practice. Located in Chicago, Illinois, students have access to a variety of community-based research and clinical externship opportunities. Formal specialization is available in the area of clinical child psychology and/or neuropsychology.

APA Accredited

The clinical psychology program at Loyola University Chicago has been fully accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1959.

APA, Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
750 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242