2023-2024 CATALOG

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Neuroscience Minor


The interdisciplinary Minor in Neuroscience requires seven courses (17-20 credit hours), including four required courses (three foundational lecture courses and one seminar), at least two neuroscience lab courses, and one additional neuroscience lecture or lab course.

The following are required courses for the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor:

Required Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Courses
NEUR 101Introduction to Neuroscience 13
BIOL 362Neurobiology3
PSYC 382 / BIOL 284Behavorial and Cognitive Neuroscience3
NEUR 300Seminar in Neuroscience 21
Required Laboratory Experience
Select two of the following:4-8
Laboratory in Neuroscience I
Cell Physiology & Biochemistry Lab
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Special Topics Laboratory
Lab in Psychobiology
Lab in Cognitive Neuroscience
Lab in Behavioral Neuroscience
Lab in Experimental Psychology: Cognition
Lab in Experimental Psychology: Sense & Perception
May include one of the following independent research options:
Independent Research (with a Cognitive/Behavioral focus)
Psychology Honors Readings (with a Cognitive/Behavioral focus)
Research (with a Molecular/Cellular or Cognitive/Behavioral focus)
Select one of the following lectures or an additional lab course:3
Animal Behavior
Developmental Neurobiology
Sleep/Circadian Rhythms
Neurobiology of Feeding in Health and Disease
Neural Disease, Degeneration, and Regeneration
Special Topics in Biology (when topic is related to neuroscience)
Computational Neuroscience
Psychology-Biology of Perception
Learning and Memory
Affective Neuroscience
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Drugs and Behavior
Total Hours17-21

Note: NEUR 101 Introduction to Neuroscience was formerly BIOL 202/PSYC 202


Neuroscience minors enrolled in independent research in Biology or Psychology with a neuroscientist are not required to take NEUR 300 Seminar in Neuroscience.

Undergraduate Research

Neuroscience students have numerous opportunities to conduct scientific research in the labs of our neuroscience-affiliated faculty at Loyola's Lake Shore Campus, in the labs of other faculty on any of Loyola's campuses, or at other institutions in the Chicago area. Depending on the applicability of the research project to the student's Neuroscience Major or Minor, independent research may be able to qualify for course credit as one of the required specialty labs (see below).

Neuroscience Minor Research Credit

Neuroscience minors can earn NRSC specialty lab credit for conducting independent research that has a neuroscience, cognitive/behavioral, or molecular/cellular focus in labs within the psychology or biology departments or at an appropriate external internship site. Your research project must be approved by the NRSC Co-Directors for NRSC credit through one of the 3-credit courses below:

  • BIOL 396 Research (relevant research with faculty in Biology)
  • BIOL 398 Internship in Biology (relevant research at an external site)
  • PSYC 397 Independent Research (relevant research with faculty in Psychology)
  • PSYC 369 Psychology Honors Readings/PSYC 370 Psychology Honors Research (relevant research with faculty in Psychology)

Please contact the NRSC Co-Directors for questions about earning credit from cognitive/behavioral, molecular/cellular, or neuroscience-related research in other departments (e.g., computer science, engineering, chemistry).