2023-2024 CATALOG

The Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs of study, academic policies and degree requirements for Loyola University Chicago. It is published every year in advance of the next academic year.

Social Work/Children's Law and Policy (MSW/MJ)

The School of Law at Loyola offers the Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.) degree to professionals working in the field of child welfare who do not want to practice law but who wish to seek a deeper understanding of the laws affecting children and families. This program focuses on the complex social and legal issues affecting children and families in child welfare.

This program allows those seeking leadership positions in child and family welfare and advocacy to earn their MSW in tandem with their MJ degree. The MJ degree is offered 100% online.  The Social Work courses are offered in-person with daytime and evening options, and some courses are offered online. Both degrees can be earned in a total of three years for full-time students.