2023-2024 CATALOG

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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DNP 510  Capstone Seminar  (1-3 Credit Hours)  
The DNP scholarly project demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of each student's area of specialization in nursing practice. This project relates to advanced practice in the nursing specialty and benefits a group, population, or community rather than an individual patient. The DNP Scholarly project is a synthesis of the student's work and lays the groundwork for future scholarship with the goal of a tangible and deliverable academic product derived from the practice courses and immersion experience. The DNP scholarly project, unlike that of PhD level research, may take a number of forms such as: practice change initiative; pilot study; program evaluation; quality improvement project; evaluation of a new practice model; or a consulting project. This course addresses the unique needs and challenges second year DNP students face while completing their projects. Seminar content focuses on skills necessary for successful clinical project completion through: presentations, selected readings and online forums. The seminar operates at the group level and is designed to work in concert with and support individual students' DNP Faculty Director and external mentor (often the student's preceptor at the project site). Course content parallels the three overall stages of a DNP Scholarly Project: the design, proposal submission and proposal approval (First semester); project implementation (second semester); and, final presentation and dissemination (third semester). Students are expected to have a Faculty Director for their project and a tentative external mentor in place prior to course entry. This seminar is completed sequentially over a minimum of three semesters. Students are expected to be enrolled in this course each semester that they are working on the DNP Scholarly Project.
DNP 511  Practicum  (1-6 Credit Hours)  
Theory, evidence, and the systematic translation of research into practice serve as the foci for DNP practicum experiences across the program of study. Students investigate clinical problems and refine their clinical translational capabilities within the context of the broader health care system. Clinical learning is directed toward systematic application of knowledge and scientific discovery in resolving new or persistent problems affecting the safety and quality of patient care. Mentored clinical application of evidence-based knowledge and skills, as well as independent investigation and evaluation of outcomes, supports integration of the DNP role into the complex circumstances of contemporary nursing practice. Leadership, consultation, advocacy, fiscal accountability and interdisciplinary collaboration serve as core competencies to effect organizational change.